Régression Vies Antérieures - Qui étiez-vous dans le passé?

Two Hour Session  150 euros
Regression to current life memory or past life memory followed by transformational work on a very deep level.This involves exploring the memory or past life story then moving through the death (in the case of Past Life memory), to the spirit realms where healing and release takes place.

Four Hour Session300 euros
This is a spiritual regression that explores memory of experiences between the death point in one life and reincarnation into another. The soul memory is retrieved and life purpose for the present life is examined. This regression is based on the work of therapists like Dr Michael Newton author of Journey of Souls and of Andy Tomlinson, author of Healing the Eternal Soul and can only take place if a session of past life regression has already been experienced.  

Sessions by Video Call150 euros
Sessions by video are used by many more therapists since internet connections have improved. The advantage of doing a session using a video call is that it takes place in your own comfortable and familiar environment. The first step is a thirty minute consultation where we discuss what it is you want to explore in the session, this gives you an opportunity to chat with me and ask any questions you might have about how the session works. We also discuss the problem or issues that you may want to work on in the session. The consultation also gives us an opportunity to get a feel for how the session works by Skype and the quality of the connection. We also discuss and set in place procedures as to what to do if the connection breaks down during the session. 
The two hour session takes place within a day or two of the consultation. We start with the  hypnotic relaxation and proceed with the regression as planned in the same way as a live session. 
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